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What it is

We need to remain one step ahead of the virus: detect potential infection opportunities earlier, and notify individuals at risk, before they experience any symptoms. This way, they can take appropriate action earlier.

Savitas QR™️ helps us to get back to work following the COVID-19 crisis. A voluntary, innovative social pattern, exactly like social distancing, that is simple enough to understand, and supported by just enough technology to remain productive.

Safeguard employee well-being and privacy.
Take initiative at the organisational level.
Anticipate follow-up infection peaks.
"Asking people to choose between privacy and health is, in fact, the very root of the problem. Because this is a false choice. We can and should enjoy both privacy and health.”
Yuval Noah Harari: The world after coronavirus (Financial Times, March 3rd 2020)


Privacy by design

All data still to be collected, no existing data used.

Born anonymous

No identifiable personal information registered. No account registration.


It will always be your choice to participate or not. Either way, nothing will ever be known about you.


Same system across companies, effective for ecosystems.

No app

Low-threshold, low-cost, works on any smartphone.

No GPS data,
no Bluetooth

But rather health and privacy.


The more participants, the more valuable the system.

Rapid deployment

No technical setup required. ‍

Using anonymous contact tracing, Savitas QR supports organisations who want and need to get back to work. It can be rolled out in the work environment with respect for employees' safety, well-being and privacy.

See how SAVITAS works

Savitas QR works

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Savitas QR in short

QR code stickers are applied at hotspots where social distancing may be a challenge (meeting rooms, entry halls, restrooms...)

Employees and visitors are encouraged to scan the QR codes using a standard smartphone whenever they encounter one. No app, no registration whatsoever is required.

Every scan is added to a list inside the device, storing the QR code identifier and the time slot.

After a COVID-19 diagnosis, the doctor will authorise the worker to press the self-report button. The fully anonymous time slot records on the phone are then uploaded to the server as “infectious”.

With every scan, the phone compares recent “infectious” records from the server with the data on the device. If there is a match (both QR ID and time slot), action will be suggested: self-isolate and get medical help. All useful contact information is provided.

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