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local lockdown

Savitas QR. Easy anonymous contact tracing for the workplace. Alert employees upon COVID-19 infection exposure.
Avoid a lockdown of your company.
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What is Savitas QR?

Savitas QR helps organisations to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak in their work environment

  • Safeguard employee well-being and privacy
  • Make meetings at the office possible again
  • Avoid unnecessary employee absence or quarantine
  • Create a safe environment to work in
  • Helps to maintain continuous awareness of safety measures

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How does it work?

Scan the QR sticker when you meet with other people

Savitas QR will log the contact in full anonymity and check your status.

When diagnosed with COVID-19, press the self-report button

Savitas QR uploads your anonymous contact records. That way you help to keep your colleagues and your family safe.

Get notified when someone around you has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Savitas QR checks your records against uploaded records and warns you in case of contact.

We need to remain one step ahead of the virus

Detect potential infection opportunities earlier, and notify individuals at risk, before they experience any symptoms. This way, they can take appropriate action earlier.

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How we take care of your employees' privacy and well-being

Privacy by design

No existing data is used.

Born anonymous

No identifiable personal information registered. No account registration.


It will always be your employee's choice to participate or not.


Same system across companies, effective for ecosystems.

Rapid deployment

No technical setup required.


The more participants, the more valuable the system.

No app, no Bluetooth

Low-threshold, low-cost, works on any smartphone.

No tracking

No identifiable GPS data is used.

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