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How to check your geolocation settings on Android

When you scan a Savitas QR sticker, we check if the sticker is in its correct location (we do not track your geolocation, however). That means that your geolocation settings need to be correct for Savitas QR to function. This article explains how to check that on Android.

When you first come to you have to accept the cookie policy:

Next you have to accept the location permission:

If you hit the following error message you (accidently) denied location settings at some point in time.

The Savitas QR geolocation error message

Open the menu (the three vertical dots top right corner in this screenshot) and select ‘Settings’:

In the Settings menu, select Site settings:

To change the settings for first select ‘All sites’:

Then select the search icon at the top of the window (the magnifying glass):

Next, search for

Now you are in the settings page of Here, you see the ‘Location access’ permission is blocked. Click on it to change the permission.

Select ‘Allow’:

The settings have been applied. Close the menu and go back to

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