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How to check your geolocation settings on iPhone

When you scan a Savitas QR sticker, we check if the sticker is in its correct location (we do not track your geolocation, however). That means that your geolocation settings need to be correct for Savitas QR to function. This article explains how to check that on iPhone/iOS.

Savitas QR requires geolocation access for the browser, in order to ensure that the scanned Savitas QR sticker is indeed scanned on its original location. If your settings are not correct, Savitas QR displays an error message like this:

The Savitas QR geolocation error message

In order to ensure your privacy and give you the correct choices, iOS gives you options on three levels:

  • General Location Services: overall access to your location;
  • Safari Location Services: you can restrict access per app you use;
  • Website Location Services: within Safari, you can restrict access per website you visit.

If on any of those levels the Location Services are not enabled correctly, you will get the geolocation error screen.

The following screenshots illustrate how to verify that the correct settings are applied.

First, the overall Location Services. Go to the home screen on your iPhone, and open Settings.

Scroll down a bit and locate the Privacy settings.

In Privacy settings, open the Location Services.

Make sure that Location Services are enabled - the toggle should be green.

Stay in the Location Services section, and scroll down through the list of apps (where you can change settings for each individual app), until you’ve located the settings for Safari Websites.

Open the settings for Safari Websites, and choose “While using the app”. You should not be concerned at this stage that other sites start tracking you; you can still specify this per website in Safari itself - we’ll cover that later. 

Go back to the main Settings screen, scroll down a bit to find the Safari settings pane.

In the Safari Preferences pane, open the Location settings.

Make sure that the Location access on all websites is set to “Ask” or “Allow”. If you choose “Ask”, each website will ask your permission to access location services if it needs it; with “Allow” you give location access automatically to all websites that request it.

Close the Preferences app. The first time you navigate to you will get a popup asking for your permission to access Location Services. Select “Allow”. Without this, Savitas QR cannot function and you will not be able to use the Savitas QR solution.

If you still need to verify that has access to per-website Location Services, tap the “AA” Icon in the upper left corner and select “Website Settings”.

In the Website Settings, tap the Location entry, and select “Allow”. This will give the website (and only this website) access to Location Services, which will allow you to scan Savitas QR stickers correctly.

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