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How to create a Savitas QR classroom sticker

You can change a normal sticker into a classroom sticker, which records encounters in a different way - more suited for people attending lessons in a classroom or auditorium. This article explains how to create a classroom sticker, and how it behaves.

As a Savitas QR Admin, you can change the default behaviour of a Savitas QR code sticker. By default such a sticker logs an entry when people scan the same code within one minute. This is the functional representation of a casual encounter.

However, in an educational environment, people attend classes in classrooms or auditoria. This means they sit together in a confined space for a longer period of time, typically an hour or more, and such an encouter must also be registered correctly. This logic applies: all people who scan the same Savitas QR code within one hour, have been in the same lesson and the same classroom, and this is logged as an encounter.

In order to get this behaviour, we need to tell the Savitas QR sticker that it’s now a classroom sticker. For this we are going to use the Admin tool, which is only available for Savitas QR Admins.
On your smartphone, go to, and click ‘Login’:

Log in with your Admin credentials:

After logging in, you get the Savitas QR portal home screen (in this case a person who’s only an administrator – your screen may show both the administrator and the medic role):

Click the ‘Sticker management’ button. On the next screen, allow camera access so that the built-in QR scanner can work:

With this built-in scanner, scan the Savitas QR sticker that you want to turn into a classroom sticker. It is either a ‘fresh’ sticker just off the roll, or it is a Savitas QR that was already there.
If it is a fresh sticker, you get this screen:

But you can also convert an existing sticker (that was used before) to a classroom sticker, then you get this screen:

In both cases, clicking the button ‘Classroom sticker’ turns the Savitas QR code sticker into a classroom sticker. You can also choose to make it (or convert it back to) a normal sticker, or change it into a meeting room sticker.
Please read the help article “What are Savitas QR classroom stickers and how do they work?” to learn more how a classroom sticker behaves.

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