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What are grouped Savitas QR stickers and how can they be managed?

Savitas QR gives you the possibility to group stickers together, so that all the stickers in the group have exactly the same behaviour. This makes it easier to support all kinds of different use cases.

Grouping Savitas QR stickers together is basically linking those stickers together - scanning any of the stickers in the group will have the same result. It's like making exact copies of the first sticker in the group. This could be handy for use cases like this:

  • A meeting room with several entrances: place a sticker at each entrance and group them. This way a participant can use any of the entrances and scan a sticker;
  • Elevators: good wireless reception is often an issue in elevators. Using the grouping function, you could place Savitas QR stickers on all the floors but outside the elevator, and they would still record an encounter between people inside the elevator;
  • A Savitas QR sticker placed on specific seating in an auditorium, e.g. in overlapping groups of 6 seats - again scanning any of those stickers would record the same encounter.

You can group both fresh stickers or stickers that have already been placed. And you can group any Savitas QR sticker behaviour: classic Savitas QR stickers, meeting room stickers or classroom stickers. Here's how you group stickers:

On your smartphone, go to, and click ‘Login’:

Log in with your Admin credentials:

After logging in, you get the Savitas QR portal home screen (in this case a person who’s only an administrator – your screen may show both the administrator and the medic role):

Click the button "Group stickers together". Next, you're presented with this screen:

Press the button to start grouping stickers, and a screen with a scan window opens. If asked for, give permission to use the camera. 

Then, scan the stickers you want to group one after the other, the scan window remains open and you'll get a confirmation sign with every succesful scan. When you're done, press "Save group" and you'll get confirmation that the group is saved. If you want to, you can create another group or go back to the portal home screen.

You can group any kind of Savitas QR sticker: regular stickers, or meeting room or classroom stickers. The behaviour of the first sticker is copied onto all of the stickers in the group. So all of these stickers are now functionally identical.

This also means that if you change the behaviour of any of the stickers in the group, like e.g. changing them from normal stickers to meeting room stickers, all of the stickers in the group will become meeting room stickers.

At this time it is not possible to break up a group of Savitas QR stickers, or take one sticker out of a group.

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