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What are Savitas QR classroom stickers and how do they work?

Savitas QR classroom stickers are intended to cover the use case of students following lessons in a classroom or auditorium.

Educational facilities are also deploying Savitas QR, not only in hallways or other places where social distancing may prove challenging, but also to capture students and staff sitting together during a lesson in a classroom or auditorium.

For that use case we've created a special class of Savitas QR stickers for classrooms. This sticker looks identical to other Savitas QR stickers, but has different behaviour.

The idea is to capture everyone in a specific classroom within the timeframe of a lesson, typically about one hour or more. So everyone scanning the sticker (posted at the entry of or within the classroom) within a one-hour timespan will be logged as having been in contact with each other.

That way all students and staff in the lesson have been recorded.

If you are a Savitas QR Admin, please read the FAQ article on how to manage a Savitas QR classroom sticker.

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