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What are Savitas QR meeting room stickers and how do they work?

Savitas QR meeting room stickers behave differently from regular Savitas QR stickers. This article show how it works.

Next to regular Savitas QR stickers, which are intended to log an encounter with one or more people which lasts only a short period of time, we’ve created Savitas QR meeting room stickers.
These stickers behave differently because they mimic the way a meeting in a meeting room typically happens. Let us give you an example to make it more clear. For your information, the language you will see on the screen will be dictated by the language setting of your phone (EN/NL/FR). These are EN language screenshots.
John enters a meeting room in the morning, there’s no meeting going on, and the last meeting was the day before. He scans the Savitas QR sticker in the meeting room, and gets the following message:

He starts a new meeting by pressing the start button, and gets the next screen:

And of course he presses the “Show result” button to check his own health status.
Susan comes into the meeting room after John, and scans the Savitas QR sticker. She then gets the following screen:

She joins John’s meeting and get this confirmation screen, which will also allow her to check her own health status.

Some other people also join the meeting and they follow the same routine. The meeting is over at 11:45 AM, and everyone leaves the room.
Ten to twelve, Juliet enters the meeting room for the next meeting. She sees that there’s no one there. She scans the Savitas QR sticker and also gets this screen:

She knows that she wants to start a new meeting, so she presses the “New meeting” button. She then gets that same confirmation screen that she started a new meeting.
A meeting can take up to 8 hours, then the meeting sticker is reset automatically.

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