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What are the key characteristics and differentiators?

An overview of what makes Savitas QR a unique proposition.
  • SAVITAS is more about social than technological innovation: just like social distancing, a new social pattern is introduced. In this case, enabled and supported by low-threshold, simple to understand technology: scanning QR codes at “hotspots” within companies where social distancing may be a challenge. Upon scanning a QR code, only the unique QR code plus the time slot are recorded, anonymously, in the phone itself. This has nothing to do with the oppressive green/red QR code systems used for public access control in China, for instance;
  • Privacy by design: the whole system is built on privacy. All data that will be used is still to be collected today, no existing data is used;
  • Born anonymous: no account, no registration, no identifiable personal information whatsoever is required. No anonymous or ephemeral identifiers are used. Only the person her-/himself is informed about her status in the system;
  • Voluntary. Each and every time: Protect yourself, your family and your colleagues. Your decision at every moment along the way;
  • No Bluetooth, no GPS data: not Big Brother but Little Sister is the role model;
  • Any smartphone is suitable. No exceptional battery drain as opposed to some solutions based on intensive Bluetooth & GPS use;
  • Avoids the false positives common to all Bluetooth based systems, especially in an office environment: undesirable proximity detection through thin office/meeting room walls (which are optimised for wifi transparency);
  • Viral: the more people and organizations participate, the more valuable the system. The idea is to create a social virus to fight a biological virus;
  • Complementary to other ongoing initiatives in terms of detection & data generated;
  • Cross-organisation: the same system is used across all onboarded companies in a country, which is especially effective in ecosystems, like a port for example;
  • Rapidly deployable: Esoptra’s underlying anonymous unique identifier technology works for industrial applications. SAVITAS is a patent-pending derivative of this technology. The stated objective is to achieve impact in this crisis still. Data tech specialist Esoptra builds on a strong track record as the sixth data tech startup of 2 founders with 50+ international data related patents.

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