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What is Savitas QR?

An introduction to the concept of Savitas QR.

Savitas QR is a social innovation for contact tracing supported by minimal technology.

Savitas QR describes an approach for anonymous contact tracing, specifically designed for implementation within and across organisations. Its purpose is to anonymously detect potential infection opportunities and notify individuals at risk, so they can take appropriate action earlier e.g., self-isolation, visiting a doctor, oftentimes before showing any symptoms. In this way, SAVITAS contributes to flattening the curve. This will become especially important when companies need to return to “the new normal”, while avoiding or flattening follow-up infection outbursts, and to get the economy up & running faster.

Whilst nation-wide solutions are on the drawing board, we believe organisations can and should prepare their own lockdown exit scenario - in full compatibility with any federal measures to come. Safeguarding employee well-being & privacy need to be at the heart of such an initiative.

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