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In-depth information on Savitas QR.

What is the “Generate QR” button on the home page?

How to use the Instant Meeting feature in Savitas QR

“Generate QR” allows you to generate a Savitas QR right on your smartphone. This gives you the opportunity to have an instant meeting with someone else even if there is no Savitas QR sticker around. So how does it work?

On the Home screen, select the “Generate QR” button. Then you're presented with this screen:

So if you want to start an instant meeting, select the "Start instant meeting" button. You'll get a QR code generated on your phone like this:

Show this QR to the other participants and let them scan it. Everyone who scans it is added to the meeting.

If after a while someone else shows up and you want to add him to the same meeting, go to, select "Generate QR" and choose "Add to instant meeting". If that latecomer scans the QR you present, he is added to that same meeting.

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