All about Savitas QR.

Savitas QR on Kanaal Z

Vinçotte demonstrates Savitas QR stickers in their work environment and explains why they co-operate with Esoptra to make this happen.
April 28, 2020

Several applications have already been developed that give a warning if you have come into contact with a person who is infected. In some countries, such as China, these apps are already in use. But they are not watertight for misuse of the privacy data. Inspection company Vinçotte and start-up Esoptra have now found a privacy-friendly way of alerting employees on the shop floor if a colleague turns out to be infected. The system is called Savitas and works with QR Codes.

Vinçotte offers services in inspection, certification, conformity assessment and training and invests heavily in innovation, which is why they partner with us for Savitas QR.


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